The cognitive value of contradictions—Revision

Joanna Klara Teske


The text consists of brief responses to the two discussion notes: “A Cognitive-Stylistic Response to Contradictions” by Lizzie Stewart-Shaw and “Using contradictions: When multiple wrongs make right” by Marla Perkins and some comments on the author’s original publication “Contradictions in Fiction...”. The text concerns contradictions in art (especially postmodern fiction) and touches upon such issues as the communicative potential of artistic contradictions, their literary and aesthetic aspects, or the possibility of using them to manipulate the reader. Attached at the end is a brief synopsis of Contradictions in Art: The Case of Postmodern Fiction—a book recently published by the author, which addresses the issue of artistic contradictions in greater detail.


contradiction, aesthetics, literariness, manipulation, communication, art, fiction

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